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Welcome to - Iowa Workforce Development's Employer Job Listing and Job Seeker Search System!

Here you will have the ability to:

  • Access the largest talent pool of Iowa Job Seekers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Search for Job Seekers by the qualifications that you set
  • Immediately view summary information of Job Seekers who meet your specified qualifications
  • Electronically sort Job Seeker summaries based upon your review process
  • Directly contact Job Seekers of your choice
  • Search Job Seekers added to daily

You will have as much control of searching for Job Seekers as you desire. The website is easy to use and has no fees. We have also compiled a list of commercial job listing websites for you to access, if needed. You will not find a larger pool of talented Job Seekers to choose from anywhere else in the state of Iowa!

These services depend on the exchange of accurate and timely information. We make every effort to encourage Job Seekers to keep their information up to date. We depend on you to do the same with your job listings as well as other information about your company. We reserve the right to remove any job from if it contains inaccurate or inappropriate information. We also purge old information in accordance to an established schedule.

Employers using must adhere to the following:

  • All job posting on this Website must be in the capacity of an "employer-employee" relationship. You cannot use this site to solicit independent contractors or self-employment opportunities.
  • Your job posting must pay at least minimum wage.
  • Information provided on this site is for the exclusive use of employers to connect with Job Seekers through employer job listings.
  • You cannot charge a fee to provide Job Seekers access to a job listing.
  • You cannot ask Job Seekers to purchase any materials or charge a fee as a requirement for being considered for a job listing.
  • You cannot use this service to recruit replacement workers in a labor dispute.
  • You cannot resell or repost Job Seeker information found on this website; such resale or reposting violates an individual's privacy.
  • Your job listing must comply with the Iowa Civil Rights Act and other federal, state and local civil rights laws.
  • All listed jobs must comply with all applicable federal, state and local labor laws.

Violations of these policies will result in the loss of access privileges.

Note: You will need your Unemployment Insurance ID (UI ID) and FEIN to set up your account.


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